Marketing intelligence for KPIs optimization

Max Media can help you grow market share with its artificial intelligence solution


Our Response Optimization Platform for

Interpret role of online channels to offline conversions and vice versa of offline channels to online conversions

Better understand how cross-channel marketing activities work in collaboration

Gain valuable insights from the entire consumer purchasing process

Allocate budget to the most effective channels and improve ROI

Allocate budget to the most effective channels and improve ROI

TV Attribution

TV performance measurement & optimisationWe utilise Artificial Intelligence Technology to buy TV per channel, zone, creative, program based on the real-time response of the TV viewers

Marketing Mix Modeling

Identifies ROI of marketing/media actionsAbility to track, before and after communication, the KPIs that build the brand funnel step by step

Sales Forecasting

Strategic Business DecisionsWe analyze past sales performance to provide sales projection

A Breakthrough pioneer marketing technology business Unit, that consists of a multi-skilled team of data science and MarTech specialists with the mission to perform media and marketing investment


Load Data


Monitor & Manage Data


Analytics Tools


Produce Dashboard Style Reports

Performance KPIs

Media KPIs & Customer-Demand Metrics