We’re Max Trading, an experienced business unit with a collective expertise in finance, trading and media

We deliver Sales through our Corporate Barter Services

Our mission is to deliver significant savings above an advertiser’s negotiated rates using an asset or stock to fund a portion of the media investment

We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver media and asset or stock trade models that maximize their performance

Barter deals are customized based on an evaluation of desired media, the asset provided and the leverage Max Media Greece has created from our investments with media owners

Our barter services enables some of the best brands to part-fund media expenditures with assets or stock, rather than cash, to drive millions in savings annually

Clients receive immediate media airtime or placements, equal to the full value of the asset, while Max Media Greece takes the responsibility, risk, and revenue associated with remarket the asset or stock


The strength of our business comes from our people, our financial resources and the great business relationships we’ve built with clients and other business partners.

Max Media Greece brings them together to solve problems and to create innovative business opportunities.

We’ve developed trading strategies that maximize asset and stock value and improve business outcomes.

Increase marketing spend to gain greater awareness, media reach and cut through

Release the value in the stock you hold to make space for newer, higher margin product

Protect your marketing budget in the face of wider business pressures by part funding the costs in product

We work with you to identify and recommend areas of your media plan which could be part funded with stock

We estimate the amount of your media plan which could be funded using your product

We deliver your price, value and position guarantees as normal of your media plan (we do not affect the quality /price of media you buy)

You pay for the plan-paying part cash and part product

We sell the product we receive as payment under the restrictions set by you